So sorry for abandoning this blog again!!! I hope there’ll be timely updates from now on :).

Praise the Lord that everything is finally coming together and Retreat is next Friday already!

We do need you all to continue support us with prayer. And these are some of the things you can pray for:

In General :

  • Weather
  • Our journey to and back
  • Good health
  • Group leaders
  • Worship leaders and that they’ll be able to lead people to worship God
  • Committee’s health and that they’ll have the strength to serve God in their study as well as in Church

Speakers (Talks and workshops) :

  • Pray that God will give our speakers wisdom to speak God’s word to us
  • Pray that they can have good health and strength
  • Pray for their family


  • Pray that we can leave our burdens and open our heart to listen to God’s word
  • Pray that through this retreat, our spiritual life can be renewed once again
  • Pray that we can apply what we have learnt in our daily life

Please also pray for those who have exams and assignments, be able to concentrate and have the wisdom to organise time.

So looking forward to Retreat! 😀

Thanks for your prayers and God bless! 🙂