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Below are songs which we’ll be singing during Retreat! Just so you can familiarise youselves with these songs before hand if you don’t know them. 🙂

這世代 (Theme song for Retreat)





祢的愛Your Love

This song will be sung in English, below are the lyrics:

You created the universe and all things
and reign over everything.
Yet you care about my needs
and understand my feelings

Your hand, designs the clouds decorating the sky,
built the eternal kindom,
Yet you willingly let this hand of yours,
suffered the pain of crucifixion

You judge everyone with justice
your holiness shines to the ends of the earth
yet you keep pouring your grace and mercy unto me
over and over again..
give me chances to turn back to you

Your love is so tender that it exceeds my understanding
Such a majestic powerful God
would hold me dearly on His plam

Your love is so deep and profound
I know I can use nothing to repay this love.
I will empty myself for you
learn to be humble as the way you are,
and bear my own cross.


耶稣,超乎万名之名 (We’ll be singing this song in cantonese)

One Pure And Holy Passion



Jesus shall take the Highest Honour



King of Kings, Majesty


Worthy is the Lamb

In Christ Alone








Ooohhh…i almost forgot!

Conclusion videos of 2008-2009 🙂 :

City Fellowship 2008-2009 by Zoe Chan:

Together, We Shine 2008-2009 (NCCC, City & Beeston Fellowship) by Tommy Hui of Beeston Fellowship:

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:


Doesn’t matter if you are a fresher, already part of City Fellowship or used to be, or just randomly dropped by or checking us out.

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Theme 2009 – 2010

The Perfect You 完美的祢

Theme verse:

"Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity... And God permitting, we will do so." (Hebrews 6:1a &3)

「所以,我們應當離開基督道理的開端,竭力進到完全的地步... 神若許我們,我們必如此行。」(希伯來書 六 1上及3)

Lil announcements :)

  • PRAISE GOD for a wonderful retreat!! May God grant us grace and wisdom, and guard the renewed fire/passion He has placed in our hearts! 8 years ago
  • 4 Feb: Joint Fellowship Retreat! 8 years ago
  • 29/1: Birthday week (celebrating Jan- March babies) & Mid-year welcoming! 8 years ago
  • Hello world! Have a blessed and fruitful week! :) 9 years ago